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A set of 10 cards (with envelopes, of course) shows the quintessential wintry scene in the famous Poet's Walk section of New York's Central Park. I took this photograph in February 2008, then illustrated it with two small edits in Photoshop. It's one of my favorite city scenes and has generated a handful of sales.

The blank space inside the 5x7 card lets you tailor your message, holiday or otherwise, to friends and family.

Your generous gift of $19.99 includes shipping costs, and also guarantees your name on my list of charter sponsors, which I'm proud to announce continues to grow.

All domestic shipments are received within 7-10 days of your order. So make a small purchase today, and you'll have plenty of time to get these notes out before the holidays.

Thanks, once again, for all of your support.

Me Take Photo. You Buy Photo. Everybody Happy.